It seems

It seems plastic pie.

Look what it big and beautiful, will only not be possible to regale on it!

The promised two hundred fifty thousand rubles anybody will never receive live notes.

It simple such cruel illusion.

It seems as this money relies you, but you will not be able to feel them.

Virtual reality.

And real in it only that there is a certain personal account on which this sum besides allegedly is stored, indexed, and then it will be possible to dispose of it allegedly.

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There, below, the kind

There, below, the kindA.

SPARROW ON THE ROOF On a roof of the huge brick little Vorobyshek stayed at home and attentively looked to the yard.

There, below, the kind old woman stood near garages and fed birds.

From a transparent package it poured grain, grains and grain crumbs on the earth.

At first the pack of gray sparrows arrived.

But three large black crows flew on sparrows soon and banished them from a forage.

The little Vorobyshek watching the events became angry.

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Occupation Sometimes there are stories on Japanese and Spanish.

Occupation option: children sing Japanese songs seeing hieroglyphs, listen to story about Savako, about summer and that hot so all eat ice cream often in three languages: except English, Chinese, Japanese, there can be other languages German, French, Spanish.


under the tape recorder the teacher sings notes the song it seems, Mozart to Silent night salt, la salt mi, salt, la salt mi, thus it shows cards with notes of twothree steps of a song.

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Date ________________________________________

Date ________________________________________ Is more senior than day of children it is possible to offer dominoes to and even to Where exercise In childrens groups of the Moscow House of Maria Montessori was applied.

Date ________________________________________ Chapter Exercises in biology SEEDS Age years Exercise purpose Recognition of seeds of various plants Material The box divided into some parts by partitions.

One office big, and in it seeds of various plants lie.

For example, pumpkins, sunflower, watermelon, melon.

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The teacher


Equipment: the box like a case of drawing instruments which is closed by means of a sliding pin; two different subject pictures fig.

Occupation course.

The teacher puts the picture, unfamiliar for the child, in an open box and closes a box, but the pin remains put forward.

He suggests the child to open a box and to look at the picture.

After that the teacher puts the second picture in a box, slams it and is imperceptible for the child pushes a pin.

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